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Dare to Dream

Architect and construction services and Honka log house packages

We are experts in architect planning process (especially log houses, villas and area projects), construction and residency. Our task is to provide premium level services for our customers. You can also choose our turn key delivery for Honka house or complete project by using your own network -in Finland or abroad.

Design services

Below you find more our references, just click the link! 

Extension services

This is our service for all type of buildings: log houses, holiday houses, log villas and saunas.

Building services

Honka log houses last for generations

Wood is a versatile material that can be used to construct everything from summer cottages that blend into the landscape to awe-inspiring villas that stand out from the rest. The light-colouredspruce and the red-hued pine will form the timeless elements of your new home. The ambience of a Honka log house is uniquely inspiring and warm. Honka log houses last for generations. Ask proposal for your own Honka log house.


  • Ecological choice 
  • A renewable natural product
  • Healthy interior air
  • High quality product
  • Made in Finland
  • CE marking 


Please below log houses designed by Architec Office Anne Mäkinen Ltd.


Timberkoti has developed its own Timber Frame product into a whole that serves contemporary needs while holding in high regard the valuable wood construction tradition. The Timber Frame structure is based on a very old building method. The bearing frame of the building is a frame-type structure, which is formed with traditional wood joints. When properly applied, this technology is extremely suitable for the demanding leisure-time buildings and single-family homes.

With the Timber Frame system it is possible, among other, to design large unitary glass facades, giving the architect broader opportunities than in case of the traditional log construction. Based on the wishes of the customer, the building can be given a cool modern look or a showy traditional appearance with exposed special joints. Please let us know if you want to have Timber Frame quality house.

  • Tailor-made houses
  • Traditional wood joints
  • Large glass facades possible
  • Demanding buildings
  • CE marking
  • Made in Finland


Please below Timber Frame houses designed by Architec Office Anne Mäkinen Ltd.


Area planning projects

We have done area planning projects in Finland as well as abroad. Cost effective architectural design, co-operation with other contractors and following of municipal procurement as well as contracting practicies and professional standars are key elements for succesfull project. 


Please below Area Planning Projects designed by Architec Office Anne Mäkinen Ltd.